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How does garlic grow to grow garlic head ?


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Garlic is a common vegetable, but many growers react with Xiaobian and ask how to grow garlic to make garlic bigger? In fact, the method is very simple, that is, master the principle of topdressing, because garlic grows with high demand for fertilizer, and every growth stage needs topdressing. The above is about high-yield topdressing techniques for garlic, which you can learn from.


1, the principle of topdressing

In the seedling stage of garlic to the various growth stages before bulb harvesting, fertilization is required in stages. The topdressing is generally based on nitrogen fertilizer. When necessary, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium fertilizer and various elements should be combined to exert significant yield-increasing effect on garlic.

2, top dressing before winter

Topdressing before wintering is mainly to promote the normal germination and emergence of garlic, and to cultivate strong seedlings. When the garlic enters the wintering period, it can be applied to the winter fertilizer, that is, the wax fertilizer. It can improve the wintering performance of seedlings and is also conducive to early return to green in the next year and rapid growth.


3, returning to the top dressing

When the average daily temperature in spring reaches 7 degrees Celsius, the garlic seedlings begin to grow green. At this time, the cover should be removed in time, and the green fertilizer should be chased once. Generally, 1000-1500 kg of organic fertilizer can be applied.

4, garlic 薹 elongation during the top dressing

The top dressing of garlic stalks refers to the top dressing from the garlic cloves to the top dressing before lifting. The elongation of the garlic stalk overlaps with the growth of the garlic, and it is in a period of vigorous growth. It is necessary to increase the application of compound fertilizer and potassium fertilizer to promote the expansion of garlic convulsions and garlic.


5, garlic long-term topdressing

Before the garlic is harvested , the growth of the garlic is mainly based on increasing the volume. In the growing period of the garlic, the quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer should be used together with the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

The method of garlic topdressing is generally applied with strips, applied with water or buried. When applying soil fertilizer, it can be ditched and sprinkled into strips; when applying chemical fertilizer, it is generally used for ditching or hole application. Attention should be paid to strengthening cultivating and weeding, maintaining soil looseness and moisture, so as to accelerate the absorption and utilization of nutrients by roots.

Everyone knows that crop growth is inseparable from fertilizer, if you want crops to grow fast and produce high yields. Topdressing is very important. But you must master the techniques of topdressing, otherwise it will be counterproductive. Leading to crop fat damage, the above is a small series of high-yield topdressing techniques for garlic. You can learn from it.

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